Quality Nutrition. Better Life.

Cayuga Milk Ingredients Plant

Serving the global food and nutrition industry with locally produced, high-quality, and specialized dairy ingredients.

A separation tank at Cayuga Milk Ingredients

More Than a Process

From farm to plant to consumer, innovative thinking and a commitment to “doing the right thing” drives us to consistently maintain the integrity of our products, guarantee the traceability of our milk, and surpass stringent quality standards.

A young holstein dairy calf in a pen

It’s a Way of Life

As a farmer-owned company, ensuring cleaner, purer, and higher-quality milk ingredients is personal to us. Respecting our animals, the natural resources that sustain us, our neighbors and our customers is deeply ingrained in our culture and everything we do.

At Cayuga Milk Ingredients, our employees are our most important resource. We’re dedicated to producing high-quality milk ingredients from our farmer owners’ high-quality milk, while simultaneously improving the dairy industry by raising the bar for high standards. We’re confident you’ll see that the finest products come from the finest ingredients.

Kevin J. Ellis, CEO