Fluid Milk Products

From condensed skim milk, cream, ultrafiltered skim milk, all the way to customizable, nutritional specialized blends – our fluid milk products are locally sourced and manufactured to the highest standards.

Fluid Milk Products: Specialized Blends

Specialized Blends

We use advanced technology to produce milk products that maintain the original nutritional integrity of milk, and we can produce highly customizable ingredients. Each of our milk ingredient products can be scientifically tailored to meet our customers’ specific nutritional and functional needs.

Fluid Milk Products: Ultrafiltered (UF) Skim Milk

Ultrafiltered (UF) Skim Milk

Skim milk undergoes multiple ultra-filtration processes that increase the solids content of milk permeate while leaving a natural milk liquid base and lactose. It is a functional, nutritious addition to powdered drink mixes, soups, sauces, bakery products, and snack food coatings.

Fluid Milk Products: Cream


Fresh, whole milk is separated, pasteurized, and cooled to 35°F/2°C. Our cream has a fresh, clean flavor and is ideal for use in butter, ice cream, and Ultra High Temperature (UHT) products. It can also be used in cultured dairy products, puddings, and other cream-based desserts.

Fluid Milk Products: Condensed Skim Milk

Condensed Skim Milk

To produce our delicious and nutritious condensed skim milk, we separate, pasteurize and condense our milk.