Protein Powders

Our milk protein concentrate and milk protein isolate powders are produced by removing much of the lactose and minerals in the skimmed milk, leaving behind the proteins. These proteins come from fresh milk, so they have not been acted on by any enzymes from cheese-making. They are available in spray-dried form, packed in bags; or as a condensed liquid shipped in tanker trucks.

Protein Powders: Milk Protein Concentrate 90

Milk Protein Concentrate 90

Highly nutritional and suitable for use in protein beverages, bars, and breakfast cereals, milk protein 90 provides a high level of nutritional value. It can also be used as a stabilizer/emulsifier in yogurt, ice cream, nutritional formulas, and meat products.

Protein Powders: Milk Protein Concentrate 70

Milk Protein Concentrate 70

With a high nutritional quality and high level of calcium, our milk protein concentrate 70 is ideal for cheeses, cultured foods, frozen desserts, nutritional beverages and dry mix meal replacements.

Protein Powders: Milk Protein Concentrate 85

Milk Protein Concentrate 85

With a light milky aroma and clean, milk taste, our milk protein concentrate 85 can be used in sports beverages and protein bars, soups, and sauces.